Introducing the CBS-KSC Science Club

Introducing the CBS-KSC Science Club

CBS-KSC will be starting a Science Club, with sessions beginning March 12.

Science Club is a platform to discuss and attempt to solve scientific issues. Science Club is organized as a journal club, but is not a journal club since we do not review and criticize academic literature. Science Club consists of one or multiple small groups of graduate students and postdocs (8-12 people), ideally from different departments, attending sessions on a regular basis to critically evaluate a particular topic and generate solutions. Peer-reviewed articles will not be the only media analyzed (e.g. review articles, news and opinion articles, TED talks, videos, debates).

There will be one series per year, with 10 sessions per series. Each session will have a different organizer, and everyone else in Science Club will attend the session and participate. We encourage organizers to give an innovative, engaging presentation that promotes active learning. Science Club will give participants many different opportunities, including:

  • Learning science from ourselves and others
  • Networking
  • Educational leadership experience
  • Communication/ critical thinking practice
  • Teamwork skills
  • Key opinion leadership

At the end of each science club session, communication material will be broadcast on social media, inviting people to start a discussion. The topics for this upcoming series are shown below. If you are interested in participating in the Science Club, please contact us!

Series 1: Frontiers of biomaterials and tissue engineering

  1. On the nature of biomaterials and biocompatibility
  2. In vivo, in vitro, and in situ tissue engineering: pros and cons
  3. Nanobiomaterials: what is this thing?
  4. Organ 3D printing: limits and challenges
  5. Polymers vs. biodegradable polymers, metals vs. biodegradable metals
  6. The missing link in tissue engineering
  7. Academic vs. industry medical devices: paradigms and paradoxes
  8. Limits of the regulatory process of medical devices
  9. How can we provide tissue engineered medical devices for everybody?
  10. One day, tissue engineering medical devices will not be a challenge anymore… What’s next?

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