33rd Annual Meeting of the Canadian Biomaterials Society: Winnipeg, MB

33rd Annual Meeting of the Canadian Biomaterials Society: Winnipeg, MB

Last week we had the pleasure of attending the 33rd Annual Meeting of the Canadian Biomaterials Society, which was held in Winnipeg, MB May 24-27. In addition to our own personal research presentations, CBS-KSC presented a poster on our first Science Club during the poster session. We had a great time networking with the other student chapters and have some great ideas for student events during the upcoming year. Can’t wait for the CBS meeting next year in Victoria, BC!

Congratulations to all of our students who presented!

  • Amanda Brissenden (PhD student, Amsden lab, oral) – Development of a Thermoresponsive Homopolymer for Biomedical Applications
  • William Chaplin (MASc candidate, Fitzpatrick lab, oral) – Development of a Zebrafish-based Platform for Evaluating the Inflammatory Response to Implanted Biomaterials
  • Ashley Clarke (MASc candidate, Wells lab, poster) – Modification of Poly(methyl methacrylate) Surfaces with Azobenzene Groups as a Photoswitchable Surface
  • Christina Ippolito (MASc candidate, Bryant lab, oral) –  The effects of fluid viscosity on stress shielding in uniformly textured UHMWPE during the dwell phase of SDS motion
  • Laura McKiel (PhD candidate, Fitzpatrick lab, oral) – Toll-like Receptor 2-mediated NF-kB Activation by Damage-associated Molecular Patterns on Biomaterial Surfaces
  • Gad Sabbatier, PhD (Postdoctoral fellow, Amsden lab, oral) – Dynamic Stimulation of Alginate-Based Hydrogels to Differentiate Adipose-Derived Stem Cells Towards Nucleus Pulposus Cells

You can check out our Science Club poster, showing the highlights from our session on Frontiers in Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering HERE!



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