CBS AGM 2018

We had a great time representing Queen’s at the 34th Annual General Meeting of the Canadian Biomaterials Society in Victoria, BC last week! Here are some pictures from our visit!


Webinar Materials

Thank you to everyone who attended the Cheeky Scientist Association Webinar Thursday April 5th. An extremely special thanks goes to the Chemical Engineering Department at Queen’s University for helping to fund this event. Without it, this would have not been possible (P.S. the pretzels were delicious!).

You can find more information (including the slides!) at the following links:

Webinar with Daniel Krasznai, M.A.Sc

Webinar with Daniel Krasznai, M.A.Sc

Daniel will be talking about his 6 years in the biotechnology industry, where he has worked on medical device production and vaccine manufacturing in regulated, cGMP environments. He will also talk about his current position at Abbott, where he is doing high volume manufacturing of real-time, with-patient blood testing devices for the healthcare industry.

Check it out on our YouTube Channel on March 7th, 2018 on 1:30pm. If you missed it you can check it out here!

Cheeky Scientist Webinar

Cheeky Scientist Webinar

Queen’s Univ _ CS Flier _ April 2018 Webinar

CBS-KSC in collaboration with the Chemical Engineering department at Queen’s University is hosting an event on April 5th at Dupuis hall/room 215 for a webinar with the Cheeky Scientist Association.
This webinar provides you information about techniques and skills you will need to apply for a job such as building your career strategy, job search, and networking. There are some group activities that are arranged by CSA for people who come to the event.
This event is free of charge and refreshments will be provided.

You can find more about Cheeky Scientist here:

Cannot wait to see you all!!